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[IP] Moms Unite


I would just like to say that you, as a parent, certainly have EVERY right to 
be a member of this list and give your input as well.  I am a Type 1 diabetic 
with 3 children.  That's right 3 kids.  And do you know why I was able to 
have 3 healthy beautiful children?  Because of my MOM!  If she wasn't there 
to MAKE me take the necessary care of myself who knows where I would be 
today.  I can tell you I would be in a hell of a lot worse shape than I am 
right now.  I am 26 years old and have had diabetes for 20 of those years so 
I really don't know what it is like to live without it, but I can tell you 
this, it's parents like you that make your childrens lives "somewhat" normal. 
 That is my absolute worst fear that one of my kids should develop this 
disease,  I only hope I can be the support system to my children that so many 
parents on this list are.

So Mary, please ignore ignorance and keep up the good work.  I commend you 
and all of the other parents out there that make it their life goal to keep 
their kids, Happy, Healthy, and "Normal"

Dee Dee
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