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[IP] Netiquette

The following is from our Netiquette page 


Please read, remember and apply these principles to your posts.

Whenever a bunch of highly motivated, intelligent, and opinionated 
people assemble for any reason, it's a good idea to have some 
basic rules to enable us to keep things in line. For this reason, the 
following List Guidelines have been adopted:  

1.  Give your post a litmus test. Ask yourself, "Would I say this to 
the person's face?" Be honest. Then ask, "How would I react if this 
post was addressed to me?" It may be that you need to rewrite and 
reread. Remember, when you are facing a computer screen, it's 
easy to forget that you are communicating with real people with 
feelings similar to your own. Send messages that you would not be 
embarassed to say to a person's face.   

2.  Choose your words carefully. With written words, you are 
unable to use gestures and facial expressions to help convey your 
meaning. It is easy for readers to misinterpret your message. Use 
"emoticons" to help express yourself. These are the "smileys" 
such as  :)  or  ;)  or  :(  etc.   Do not use offensive language. 
Remember, all posts are part of the list archives. Don't send a 
message that you would not want someone to see months down 
the road.  

3.  If you are new to the list, checking out the FAQ's and the 
archives may give you the answer you are seeking much faster 
than posting to the list. If you don't find the answer, go ahead and 

4.  Use specific subject lines to help others determine if it is a 
topic they might be able to contribute to. When responding from 
the digest or browser, change the subject line to reflect the nature 
of your post.  

5.  Try not to add posts that don't contribute to the discussion.  

6.  Refrain from one line "me too" and "atta boy/girl" messages. 
With many hundreds of members, the added "non-content" mail 
volume contributes to e-mail fatigue as well as increasing the 
number and size of the digests.  

7.  Remember that not everyone has unlimited internet access at a 
flat rate and a fast modem. When you send a post to the list, it 
takes up bandwidth which translates into taking up another 
person's time and money. Make sure your post adds value to the 
group. And limit signature lines. Insulin Pumpers appreciates it if 
you keep your signature line to 1 or 2 lines at most. With 100 or 
more posts a day, multiple signature lines on lots of posts results 
in longer download times and higher access charges for some 
members. It also adds considerable volume to the text that digest 
subscribers must scroll through to find the real messages. Your 
email program may allow you to use different signatures, please 
shorten or eliminate your signature for posts to the Insulin 
Pumpers' lists.  

8.  Make SURE you turn HTML off in your mailer, it turns into 
garbage in the digest and in many people's mail programs. If you 
need assistance doing this, contact HELP@insulin-pumpers.org

9.  Be courteous and also try to keep your responses as short as 
possible. Try not to copy the entire message that you are 
responding to.  <Snip>  the portions that are not relevant to your 
response. Snipping is very easy to do and helps keep the list 
volume manageable.  

10. Don't post in ALL CAPS, it is the same as shouting, and is 
considered impolite.  

11. Spamming is strictly prohibited on the Insulin-Pumpers list. Do 
not send chain letters, get rich quick schemes, or other spam mail 
to the list. Your privileges will be revoked. The goal of Insulin-
Pumpers is to provide a resource to help us maintain, improve, and 
enhance our lives as people living with diabetes. Anything that 
goes against this common goal is not allowed on the list.  

12. Mining of the mail list for e-mail addresses or redirection of list 
messages to other forums is prohibited without express 

13. Flaming will not be tolerated. "Flaming" is what people do when 
they make an emotionally opinionated comment using language 
intended to be confrontational. For this list, flaming is defined as 
personal attacks and/or criticism of another list member that have 
the effect of holding another person up to harsh ridicule, demeaning 
them as a person, or otherwise inflicting hostility or anger on them. 
What one person may understand to be friendly kidding, another 
may perceive as hostile flaming. To help control the flaming 
impulse, remember: 

everyone has an opinion, a life, and a value; don't try to demean 

be kind and think twice before responding; sometimes the most 
appropriate response is a nicely worded private e-mail instead of 
posting to the list; 

flaming helps no one, not even yourself; remember you may be 
losing the respect of hundreds of people you have never even seen 

repeated flaming offenses will result in your list membership being 

Remember that this list is here to provide answers, help, and support for 
people interested in insulin pumps. Make sure that your posts contribute to 
this goal. 

for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
send a DONATION http://www.Insulin-Pumpers.org/donate.shtml