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Re: [IP] Moms unite

Hi Mary,

As a mom of a diabetic son, I know I have as much right as anyone 
else who belongs here...and after dealing with this disease for two 
plus years, a LOT of knowledge.  Why let one person, or hundreds, 
tell you otherwise?  You know better.  While we may not be 
experiencing physically and physiologically the disease ourselves, 
this makes us no less compassionate, knowledgeable or involved. 
After all, I would trade places with my son in a micro-second.  I 
would probably be less compassionate, knowledgeable and involved if 
it were me who had this disease rather than one of my children whose 
quality of lives I place a higher value on than my own.

Cindy, mom to 13 y/o Noah, dx at age 9, pumping MM since 7/99 and
Micah, age 10

>Hello all,
>I am on the verge of dropping off this list because I am wondering if all
>list members share the sentiment written to me by a fellow list member that
>stated that I don't know as much as "they" do because I am not a person with
>diabetes myself. I "only take care of a five year old and husband that are
>both Type 1..Does everyone here think that I am not a "peer" because I don't
>have diabetes?
>This person also wrote:
>The fact remains
>however that when your daughter grows up you will no longer have to be her
>caregiver. You may choose to continue to help manage her diabetes but that
>is what it will be..  a choice. Your daughter, your husband, and I myself
>have no such choice. In all likelihood we will be diabetic until we draw our
>last breath.
>Does this make my knowledge of diabetes any less? How would you moms respond
>to such a person who obviously has no idea what we go through?

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