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[IP] 507c holding reservoir in place/or not

 This is going to sound weird, and I'm sorry but I'm
not the best at explaining things like this.
 Ok, does anyone notice that if you open the door on
the pump the reservoir moves around, ie the flat part
at the back of the reservoir appears "happier" to be
balanced on a corner rather than a flat edge? I know
the little silver thing at the top of the pump
designed to hold the neck of the reservoir does not
work on this pump I have right now (it's a
loaner)--ie, that little piece doesn't hold down the
reservoir, and it itself moves even when the door is
 Reason I ask is my last pump had the same thing, well
a little more so, b/c it got to where the door
wouldn't close b/c the pump would NOT go down flat, i
think something happened with the driver arms, b/c I
don't see what other mechanical piece could possibly
prohibit from fitting in the pump as it is designed.
 I'm not messing with the 160 adjuster, as MM had this
? last time. I use the pump for 300 units nad even
when its under 300, I have the top of the reservoir
sticking out, so it is in no way related to that
little adjuster piece.
 Anyone noticed this/that?

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