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Re: Subject: [IP] Newsweek and DM "types" -- VENT


I feel for you.  I do understand and am angry over the lack of knowledge by
type I people.  I myself am a type I.

Type I diabetics should be better educated than the general public.  This
does not seem to be the case with this group or any other.

People who have type II diabetes are growing in number that is of epidemic
proportion.  Per populous type I diabetes is small.

They do not realize that type II people have a more difficult time of
control because of insulin resistance to their own insulin cells or to the
type that is injected.  (Most type II's I have seen are injecting upward of
200 units at a time, several times a day.)  Most medications to type II's
fail and do cause damage in the long run if not closely monitored, leaving
no option but insulin.

They also don't realize that most type II diabetic are not diagnosed until
the complications have already set in and the damage is done.
Unfortunately, unlike type I diabetics they don't go into a coma and DKA
right away, hiding their disease. They don't also know that the ratio of
complications to type II v. type I diabetics is higher.  They have a greater
risk of blindness, amputation and other complications than a type I, because
in most cases the disease isn't caught in a timely manner.

Either disease is horrible to have.  No one should have to just live with
it.  There should be a cure for everyone.  Fighting about it will not help.
One group should not have to suffer over another.

I am glad you found Elvis and he is taking good care of you.  Don't quit,
and keep up the good work.

39, diagnosed 2/62,  pumping for over 20 years!

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