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[IP] Moms Unite

Mary wrote:

Hello all,

I am on the verge of dropping off this list because I am wondering if all
list members share the sentiment written to me by a fellow list member that
stated that I don't know as much as "they" do because I am not a person with
diabetes myself. I "only take care of a five year old and husband that are
both Type 1..Does everyone here think that I am not a "peer" because I don't
have diabetes?


I for one salute all mother's of diabetic children.  My mom raised two
diabetics - my brother and myself.  I can't even count the number of times
she was there to give me my shot at 6:00 in the morning, stay up at night
with me when I was sick and needed to check my blood sugar, accompany me to
the emergency room when I was in ketoacedosis.  She was the one who found me
unconscious twice when I was pregnant.  She was the one who found my brother
thrashing around unconscious on the living room floor.  My mom was always
there for us through it all.  She was the one who was strong when my blind
brother had to go on dialysis.  And she was the one who had to be strong
when we buried him.

Having a healthy daughter myself, I feel every pain, every hurt feeling and
every bit of sadness she feels.  I can only imagine how I would feel if she
to becomes diabetic some day.  So I say "thank you" to all the mom's who
suffer with their diabetic children every day.  You are our inner strength.
Thank you all.

Kathy Greifzu
email @ redacted

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