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Re: [IP] Moms unite/dropping off the list/Newsweek response

<Mary wrote:
<I am on the verge of dropping off this list because I am wondering if
all list members share the sentiment written to me by a fellow list
member that stated that I don't know as much as "they" do because I am
not a person with diabetes myself. I "only take care of a five year old
and husband that are both Type 1..Does everyone here think that I am not
a "peer" because I don't
have diabetes?>

Hi Mary,

PLEASE don't drop off this list because of one or two posts. It is easy
for all of us to write things in haste--one of the dangers of emails vs.
letter writing (at least with letters you have to actually decide to
mail it after writing it!).

REMEMBER that just because one or two folks write something without
perhaps thinking about it as carefully as they should, most of us don't
agree with those posts. I have Type 1 myself, but I can surely say that
while she was alive, my mother was just as much a part of the "team" as
anyone else. Of course your opinion is just as important.

May I encourage all of us to try not to get so emotional over posts? I
myself responded to David and George when they didn't see much wrong
with the Newsweek article (the biggest problem I saw was minimizing Type
1 diabetes)--but now with some of the reactions against David (esp. the
one that accused him of being a Type 2, when his post--if read
carefully--implied that he was a Type 1), I feel that he has been
unfairly villianized. David was pointing out (and apparently so was the
Newsweek article) that biochemically Type 2 is more complex than Type
1--not that Type 1 was less serious. My point, of course, is that
laypeople who read the Newsweek article will equate complex with
serious, and thus a misrepresentation will have taken effect. I have no
clue biochemically which is more "complex," but all of us know how
serious both are! So while I disagree with David and George on the
impact of the Newsweek article, I don't think they should be jumped on
for their attempts to set the facts straight.

So please, let's give one another a break, and not be so fast to jump
all over one another! (And if someone jumps all over us, just move
on--it's only one person's opinion, not the group's!) I know we're all
serious about coping with our diabetes (or our children's or spouse's),
but let's try and be a bit nicer to one another in the process.



P.S. On that same note, my remark about more women tending to name their
pumps than men was meant to be humorous--nothing more!! (Some took it a
bit too seriously!)

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