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[IP] Re: caregivers, help

As the parent of a type 1 diabetic, I must respond to this thread. I usually
just read all the mail and take what advice works for me and my child, as we
are in this together and will be as long as I am alive. But the post from
Mary just got me fuming.

Mary, the ARROGANT person who wrote that post to you should get down on
their knees and beg their parent's forgiveness. Who do they think took care
of them, prepared their special meals, took them to all the endless doctor
appointments, held their head while they were vomiting due to ketosis and
awoke at 3 am in the morning from a sound sleep to take care of a hypo. They
should thank God for parents that took such good care of them so that they
can be here now to berate and belittle you for taking such good care of your
child and offering your opinion on subjects you are intimately familiar with
and knowledgeable about.

My daughter was diagnosed at age 4 by DKA (I know I was stupid, did not even
know the symptoms then). We (my daughter, husband and myself) have suffered
through some terrible times dealing with this lovely disease. I am very
fortunate to be able to be a stay-at-home mom and I have devoted myself to
caring for my daughter and learning everything I possibly can to help me do
just that. We are new to pumping (H-Tron on Aug. 24, 00) and I would not
begin to offer any advice on that subject yet, but I feel (and so does our
CDE) that I am as knowledgeable as many 'true' diabetics when it comes to
dealing with this disease. And I am sure I am not the only parent of a
diabetic child who feels the same way. What 4 year old could take care of
their diabetes themselves? Who do you think takes care of all the children
who happen to have diabetes. THEIR PARENTS , OF COURSE! Just because you do
not have the disease does not automatically mean you know nothing about it.
I wish I was the diabetic and not my darling daughter. I see first hand how
scared she feels when she wakes up in the hospital and has no idea how she
got there, how awful she feels when her bgs are high. I wish I could take
this away from her onto myself and then I would be the one with the first
hand knowledge. But unfortunately that is not possible. Diabetes is an awful
trick played on an innocent child but what does not kill us only makes us

Mary, you just keep up the good work. I'm sure your daughter is very
thankful she has such a loving and thoughtful mother.

If I have offended anyone with my very opinionated post, please accept my
most humble apologies.

Kim Hummel
Mother to Jessica, dxd 11-11-94 @ 4, pumping one whole week now and loving
it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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