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[IP] Caregivers, loved ones, T1, T2, T1.5....

To all caregivers, loved ones, parents, spouses,
children, T1, T2, injectors, pumpers, oral, and diet
controled people with diabetes:

As someone who is T1 pumper, who loves several T1
injectors, is the child of a T2 diet controlled (who
is trying to convince me that he no longer has
diabetes because he no longer has high bg, sigh.  Alas
that is another soap box), let me comment.

I do not believe that my mother, best friend,
brothers, or sister can "know" or "COMPLETELY
understands" what it is like for ME to have diabetes. 
I don't believe another T1 who pumps, is my age, and
was dx at approximately the same time I was "knows"
what it is exactly like for ME to have diabetes.  I do
love talking with other people in similar situations
as me, there is a "bond" or some untangible
understanding that can happen if we are both T1 (I
find this also happens when I come across people who
grew up with a bunch of younger siblings, or have
dyslexia, or worked at a residential summer camp,
or...).  I also love talking with people who have T2,
T1.5, TW, are parents, children, loved ones, of people
with diabetes.  Everyone has their own perspective,
and I love hearing them.

I don't know if T1, T2, or TW is the "worst" form.  In
some respects they are different diseases, however we
can't forget all of our similarities.  I KNOW I have a
lot more in common with T2 pumpers, than I do with T1
who take 1 or 2 shots a day.  I can probably relate to
someone who lives and is involved with a pumper (such
as many parents on the list or Shane's Laura) than I
can with someone with T1 who injects 1-2 times a day
and rarely tests their bg.

A carb is a carb, but diabetes isn't diabetes.  Mine
isn't yours (or your loved ones), but that doesn't
mean I don't want/can't learn from what you say!

Maureen and Jude (her pump)

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