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[IP] Re: Moms

Hi Mary.  I would ignore and dismiss anyone who dismisses my knowledge and 
experience with diabetes for merely being the mother of a diabetic child 
rather than being a diabetic myself.  And it would be their loss, because I 
know that my obversations and experiences are valid and that my knowlege, if 
shared when needed, certainly has the potential to benefit others, beyond my 
own 13 year old son.  I would never quit this list because of the insensitive 
remarks of a few--the experience and wisdom of the group as a whole, and just 
the oddball tidbits that I pick up each time I read everyone's 
correspondence, are invaluable and would be unobtainable anywhere else.  
Besides, one of these days, the person with the answer that everyone is 
looking for may just be ME.
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