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[IP] newsweek article

I have been watching the ongoing messeges regarding the newsweek article
and agree that this forum is the place to discuss issues such as this,
but everyone remember that we all have diabetes or know someone who does
and it is hard for all of us.  We should know that or we wouldn't be
members or this list.  Each day we all have to live with a disease that
robs us of our good health. How about this, as Sara said awhile back, "a
carb is a carb"---  well diabetes is diabetes no matter how you look at
it,  and that is as simple as I can put it.  I do agree that proper
education needs to be provided to the public and even medical providers.

     On another note,  I started on the continuous glucose moniter on
Thurs. Lucky  me I don't return it until Tues.  Hope we can find and
work out some of the kinks.  That is until something changes because
after all this is diabetes and even with a pump it ain't just take the
shot and then don't worry about it as stated earlier. Sheila

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