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[IP] Newsweek and DM "types" -- VENT


As a type 2, I'm considering dropping off the site because I don't have the 
"gawdawful" form of DM and, although I have DM and am even a pumper, I'm 
beginning to question whether others believe I "belong" here. Never have I 
felt so denigrated. I had no idea that many type 1s felt that way about us. I 
thought that since we all had to walk the same BG tightrope and try to stave 
off the same complications that we were all in this together. 

Although I'm "only" a type 2, I, too, have the almost-losing-consciousness 
lows and the throwing-up highs. I've had the high microalbumin scare and in a 
heart monitoring unit, so I take an ACE inhibitor as well as another blood 
pressure med. I take meds to lower my cholesterol. (In addition to having DM, 
type 2s happen to have a little problem with being at higher risk for DVD.) 
I've been hospitalized for surgery for osteomylitis and did a course of IV 
antibiotics for that. I go through about 250 strips and about 2 vials of 
insulin a month. My husband is always watching me because he knows I'm low 
before I do. I have the same problems with exercise and BGs as everybody 
else. I see my endo and have an A1c done every quarter (usually in the 5th 
and 6th percentiles, and I work very hard at that). I am overweight, but I 
have a job, do volunteer work, sit on two boards, cook from scratch, bake my 
own bread and chase after two small grandchildren who live with us much of 
the time, so I don't believe I'm overly lazy. 

Because I'm a writer by profession, know about diabetes and *can* do it, I 
publish a special section on diabetes each November to insert in the 
newspaper I work for. I do that on my own time as my contribution to diabetes 
education. And you know what? I briefly tell people the difference between 
type 1 and type 2 -- and then do not differentiate again. Know why? Because I 
feel that, then, people may get the idea that ALL diabetes is serious! I try 
to have a kids page. (Last year's page included items about diabetes camp, a 
3-year-old pumper, the Pump Girls and the DPT-1 trials.) I try to explain 
what the doctor should be doing to follow the standards of care. (To let 
people know what their docs SHOULD be doing.) I explain why an HbA1c is 
important. I explain why testing is important. I explain today's theory on 
food choices. This year, I'm doing a Q&A section with doctors in the 
appropriate specialty areas about the different complications. (And having 
trouble, in some instances, finding a doc who knows both about their 
specialty area AND DM! So far, my best ones are a neurologist and an 
ophthalmologist -- both of whom also have DM.) Also for this year, I 
interviewed a parent on this list about what it feels like to have a child 
diagnosed with DM. 

If you read Diabetes Interview, I'm the author of the article about DM and 
hospitals in the August 2000 issue.I also have appeared on a local news show 
where I talked about the different methods of treatment and even demonstrated 
a changeout on camera. I am educating my PCP about the pump. When I was in 
the hospital earlier this summer, I educated a lot of the staff there about 
the pump and taught them something about diabetes as well. 

Diabetes. Not just type 2 diabetes, but diabetes. Period.

Because I still believe we're all in this together, no matter what type we 

Thanks for listening to me vent.

Jan (and Elvis)

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