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[IP] My Reply to Newsweek!

My Reply to Newsweek!

email @ redacted
Type I for 44 years
Began pumping w/MM 507C 8/31/99
.....and loving it

Dear Editor,

It is with great displeasure that I am writing this response to your article 
on Diabetes Sept 4th.  At its best all I can say is that this article with 
all its content was never researched.  They did not address the two types of 
diabetes.  Both types have the same complex complications that go with this 
disease.  When writing such an article you need to keep in mind that you are 
telling the American people about a disease that kills its victims, is a 
leading cause of blindness, one of the leading causes of heart attacks and I 
think at the time of this writing it is the leading cause of amputations.

By your simplified explanation you did not address the true problem of the 
disease.  You left the American people thinking it is an illness that is 
caused by bad eating habits, obesity and lack of exercise, in other words 
lazy people.  For me and 15 million other type 1 diabetics it is an 
injustice by this magazine in quoting untrue statements about the two types 
of diabetes.

Diabetes is a disease that is made up of many diseases that are related to 
the body not making insulin and regulating it.  So for this article to say 
that type 2 diabetes is more complex is a great mistake.  In writing this 
article, did the staff do any research to back up their inappropriate 
article?  I think this staff just wrote this incorrect information from non 
scientific sources.  They did not do their RESEARCH of what the disease of 
diabetes can do to every individual regardless of age, sex and race.  They 
just wrote to appease their consciences.  It is incredible that such an 
article could be published a magazine like Newsweek!

The facts are plain--there was very little credibility in writing this 
article.  Next time when doing an article about any major diseases, you need 
to read and do your homework.  I find this article to be a detriment to 
further research and awareness of one of America's major health problems.

>From my standpoint we need to get the government to fund research to find a 
cure for both types of diabetes.  I hearby end this letter with a demand for 
a retraction of this article and an apology to the diabetic community.

I will be awaiting your response to this letter.  My email address is 
email @ redacted

Bob Bennin

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