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[IP] $ Cost of diabetes

According to Newsweek,

"You can also predict that they are going to need a lot of expensive health
care; on average, medical-care spending for diabetics runs $10,000 to
$12,000 annually—three to four times higher than on healthy people, every
year for life."

I figure, per month:  $535.

2 vials Humalog @ $30=60
8 infusion sets @ $10  =80
7 cartridges @ 3.50=25
4 pump email @ redacted=28
8 IV preps @.25=2
300 test email @ redacted=180
pump expensed over four+ years ~$100
Endo and tests 3x yearly, per month= $60

I have to spend my own money on copays for the insulin ($20), test strips
($20) and doc/tests ($3/mo), and the first thousand toward supplies is
out-of-pocket ($83).  So my insurance company is responsible for about $400
less their discounts.

Is this why my health insurance costs so much: $1,050 a month for me and my
healthy wife and two young children?

How much does treating your diabetes cost?

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