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[IP] Newsweek one more time

I don't want to beat a dead horse here regarding the
Newsweek article but nobody really addressed the fact
that the writers not only glossed over Type I but lied
about its increasing prevalence.  Whether the lie was
intentional or just sloppy reporting, I think the lie
should be corrected.  Here's my letter to Newsweek. 
I'm posting it here because I doubt it will ever see
the light of day on the pages of Newsweek but I wanted
you all to know that Type I IS increasing and not just
in the U.S. but on a global scale which, to my mind,
is far more frightening than Type II increasing just
in the U.S. I think they missed the boat here.  

Dear Editor:
In your disappointingly biased article ("An American
Epidemic - Diabetes" September 4, 2000) which barely
mentioned Type I diabetes at all, except in the most
rudimentary and obligatory fashion, you stated:
"...luckily though, there's no evidence that its (Type
I diabetes) incidence is on the rise in the United
States." Oh really?  I beg to differ.  As much as the
conventional wisdom would like to believe that
only the milder, Type II diabetes is on the rise, the
fact is that Type I is increasing as well. And
contrary to your article's premise, there is an
abundance of evidence that proves this is so. 
Actually, the incidence of Type I diabetes is
increasing on a global scale, not just in the United
States and since it requires the most stringent self
management right from the start and is not related to
obesity or a sedentary lifestyle, I would think this
would be more of a reason for diabetes to attract the
attention of your reporters pen.  Apparently your
editors thought otherwise.

Researchers, however, are looking for answers and more
importantly, a cure.  But there was no mention of
this, nor of a cure in your article, even though the
University of Alberta managed to cure insulin
diabetics with an islet cell transplant with 
non-steroid immunosuppressant drugs. You managed to
conveniently overlook the biggest breakthrough in the
history of diabetes research! The very least your
writers could have done was emphasize the importance
of organ donation since this much needed cure for
diabetes would require 10s of millions of islets! At
the very least your reporters could have mentioned the
need for diabetes to be a reportable disease.  In
your cover story  was nothing more than a
disappointment in what could have been a very
enlightening piece. Bravo!  There must be some kind of
an award for that, in any case, I now present you with
the "There's An Elephant In The Room But I Didn't See
It" Award. Congratulations!

P.S. Below are some articles that prove that the
incidence of Type I is on the rise on a global scale
and the last article is an online copy of the
Edmonton breaththrough.  

"In the past few years registries of type I diabetes
mellitus have rapidly proliferated worldwide as part
of the WHO multinational project on childhood
diabetes.1 As a result, a vast amount is being learned
about the epidemiology of childhood diabetes in
different geographical areas, with an apparent global
increase in its incidence.2-6 In Africa, the
epidemiology of type I diabetes was almost unknown
until very recently. In 1989, we reported on the
prevalence of type I diabetes in Sudanese children7
and a brief communication reported on the epidemiology
of juvenile diabetes in Algeria.8 Based on data
obtained from a type I diabetes registry, we have
documented a rising incidence
over a short period of time.9 The present study
compares the incidence of type I diabetes in children
aged 0-14 years from 1991 to 1995 with the previously
reported figures."

"Although still an uncommon disease, the incidence has
been rising over the past few decades in certain
regions of the U.S. and some European countries,
particularly in Finland and England."

"Type 1 diabetes is a significant medical problem all
over the world. Finland has the highest incidence of
Type 1 diabetes in the world, and the incidence
appears to be continuously increasing."

And finally, here's the elephant in the room that you
never noticed, the breaththrough Edmonton Protocol:

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