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Re: [IP] Claudia Kolb and Newsweek

"RoseLea" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Then why didn't they title the article: "An American Epidemic:  Type 2
> Diabetes"?

Perhaps they think most readers don't know that there are two (or more) types of diabetes, and this article will educate them.  

I've looked at the article on line, but I haven't been able to read it in depth.  I take the view that *anything* that educates the public about this damned disease is fundamentally good.  No article in the popular press is going to be as complete as some of us would like.  Nor is it going to say things the way we would.  But people are being educated, and that is a good thing.  

While we would all like to see major breakthroughs, the fact is that most things get changed in small increments.  The article is not perfect . . . but then none is.  But I see no basis for castigation of Newsweek over this article.  Instead, I consider it praiseworthy as a step in the right direction.

Jim Handsfield
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