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[IP] T2 more complicated than T1

While not an endocrinologst, Type 2 is a very complex dsease. Beta cells
seem to function in communal fahon. They are not arranged in islets for
convenience but so they can communicate with each other. this form of
exocrine function makes it possible for the cells to work together to
secrete the proper amount of insulin. as they communicate with each other
they secxrete the correct emount and probably know when to turn off. I
think this is what the Newsweek article referrewd to Allof us with T1 know
that it is a more difficult disease to manage. Some of who devloped iinulin
resistence with our Type 1 know how much this confounds the problrm. Others
may have stated as Type 2 and became T1 over the years. In my research
project I am looking for these patients to study how this happens. Also,
since c-peptide is increased in t2 why do t2 develop so many neuropathic
problems. Spot who has more quetions than answers. Since t1 have antibodies
to GAD-65 why do we escape brain damage too?

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