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[IP] Speaking of Misconceptions

There were many misconceptions that have been on the list today.  
Some were written as 'fact',  some were simply "perceived".

Type 1 is worse than Type 2 which is worse than Type 1.5.   Lets 
acknowledge that we don't yet know how many "Types" there really 
are.  We just know that all of them are sometimes impossible to 
control.  Some have an easier/tougher time than others, it really 
isn't dependent on "Types".

Type 2 is a result of obesity.  Never met a skinny Type 2?  I have, 
and many of them.

Type 2 is easier to control.  Yeah, just like when NPH was known 
as the solution for every doctors problems (the non-compliant 
diabetic)!  We all have different types of problems and of control. 
YMMV and your control may vary from day to day also.

Type 2s don't suffer the same problems that Type 1s have.  Tell 
that to the blind Type 2 who just had a leg amputated.  Tell that to 
the Type 2 who is hypoing because the NPH has just "kicked in".

Lets remember that we're all in this together.  We have a common 
ground in that we believe that pumping insulin is a better practice 
than injecting it.  We all seek control, and we all suffer failures.  
Let's comfort one another in those failures and exalt with each 
other when we do take control!    :>)


George Lovelace
Dxed 1964, Reborn 8/13/98

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