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RE: [IP] reply to David D.--Type 1, Not as COMPLEX??


I am a type 1 diabetic. I too am hypoglycemic unaware, that was why I was
put on the pump. I too check my sugar before getting behind the wheel of a
car. I too have ridden the MDI rollercoaster.

Had you read my post more carefully, and the article in Newsweek as well,
you would have noticed that I did not use the word "complex" to mean
"dangerous" or "hard to control" or "has more complications" or "is harder
to deal with". Neither did the author of the article. It was used in the
sense that at the outset of the disease, please read those last words very
carefully, at the outset of the disease more systems are malfunctioning in
type 2 diabetes than in type 1. This says nothing, absolutely nothing, about
what may happen after months or years with either form of the disease. It
says nothing about how hard it is to control the disease. It says nothing
about one form of the disease being "worse" than the other. These are things
that you have read into the words.

You do not know me. You have read one post and presumed to know that I am
narrow minded. Perhaps if you knew me better you would not feel that way.

I would like to remind you that there are type 2 diabetics on this list. I
am just guessing, but I imagine it will be a while before many of them will
state that fact when and if they post.


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> David,
> One time, long time ago, a former sister-in-law of mine was
> stupid enough to
> ask me to agree that her mother's breast removal surgery (due
> to some sort of
> nonmalignant cysts) was worse that my mother's (due to a
> CANCEROUS tumor that
> also had at that point invaded three of her lymph nodes).
> At the time I told her that thank God I wasn't in either one
> of their shoes
> and that I was not about to second guess either of them.  In
> her naive way
> she was only looking at how her mother was still married and
> would be self
> conscience of her appearance whereas my father had died years
> earlier.  She
> didn't even consider that her mother had a supporting husband
> and that my
> mother was going it alone.
> Well, my Mother died 8/21/99, one day before her 82nd
> birthday, and about
> five months short of her goal to see the new millennium.
> Something she said
> she had thought of when she retired in 1984 (15 years before!!).
> You need to expand your thoughts with a flair for compassion.
>  Please don't
> tell me that my type 1 diabetes is not as complex.  I am
> remarkably healthy
> for having the D for 32 years even though I have had 5 hand
> surgeries, one
> laser surgery, and two c-sections in the last 16 years.
> I do not know how much more complex a disease could be when
> you consider that
> when I was pregnant if I ate one too many saltines for the
> morning sickness
> my blood sugar would go up 100 pts!!!  Oh, even when I am not
> pregnant, if I
> vomit from the flu, high blood sugar, or whatever, more than
> three times in
> an hour or so I am on my way to the emergency room for at
> least three IV bags
> being pushed through my veins due to the dehydration.
> Add Type 1 and stress and you will have a nineteen year old
> that goes into
> the hospital to get my wisdom teeth out.  Pre Pump my blood
> sugar was in the
> 600's right before surgery, thirty minutes later in the
> recovery room it was
> hovering around 150.  And this was on half of my normal
> morning NPH dose.
> I am just forty-one and last year started to take ACE
> inhibitors due to
> micoralbuminaria.  It took me almost two months before I
> didn't feel like
> passing out every time I got up from the floor (playing with
> my six year
> old!) too quickly to answer the phone.  It still happens
> every now and then,
> but not as often.
> David, I am sorry but you struck my nerve!  One more thing--I
> even fell and
> broke my arm once while having an insulin reaction.  Now I
> can get myself out
> of a 24 thanks to being hypoglycemic unaware.  I do not even
> drive to the
> grocery store without testing my blood sugar.
> Sorry to all the people on this list that are not as narrow minded.
> Carole
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