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Re: [IP] new speak

I just wanted to throw in my two cents, (writing from wife's account) It is amazing how often the frustration we have stems from the fact that we are all individually dealing with a disease that affects each of us differently. In this age where we are suppossed to celebrate diversity we have ER docs who don't know what a pump is....makes me want to shout obscenities. And no offense to anyone on the list but the more we try to educate the more it seems we hurt another diabetic down the road. After all several of us have admitted our addiction to M&M's (the candy not the pump :)) but most diabetics and endos would say we are cheating, even with the pump. The fact of the matter is that this disease affects each of us as individuals in individual ways....we need to make that very clear....whether we are T1, T2, pumpers, or oral med takers. That is really what education we need to give to everyone....our loved ones can learn to deal with OUR version of the disease. But not yours.!
 ...it isn't the same.

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>claudia Kolb should be slapped...DIdnt she read the fine print in the CDC 
>story that the "evidence" that diabetes was rising was gathered by PHONE 
>Even taking a look at medical records will be misleading...cuz more doctors 
>are becoming enlightened and "discovering" that their long ailing patient 
>actually has diabetes!  

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