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[IP] Diabetes article

Dear Newsweek,

Your cover story in the September 4 edition related to Diabetes left a 
number of us Type 1 diabetics cold.  Specifically, your title conveys a 
treatment of the whole disease.  Getting into the article, though, the 
reader perceives your real focus is on only one part of the disease.  To 
treat simply Type 2 diabetes would not be so bad, but you seem to summarily 
misrepresent the Type 1 category.  People who do not produce any insulin 
are less in number than their Type 2 counterparts, but their condition is 
in no way less severe or complicated.  Completely to the contrary.  Type 
one is categorically, empirically, and symptomatically more egregious than 
the other.  You almost come across as condescending toward the non-insulin 
producing population.  And that hurts.

Dave Reinhardt
Pastor Dave Reinhardt

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