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Re: [IP] Animas Pump Recall - NOT FALSE

Brian Mozisek wrote:

> I never saw my original reply come through, but Animas is NOT having a
> recall on their pump.  This is false information.

Actually, no, it is NOT FALSE. The information came directly from an Animas pump

> For everyone, I suggest that you research what people tell you before you
> post something potentially damaging to a company's reputation.  When I
> called Animas to ask them about the recall, they wanted to know where I got
> the information, and were very concerned with how I heard about the recall.
> They had quite a few calls before 7:00am this morning.

Do you work for Animas or something? I am not personally worried about their
reputation. That isn't my job. I was just stating something that came from a
reliable source for the benefit of anyone out there that uses or is considering
the Animas pump.

Of course Animas doesn't want to tell anyone when you call whether there is a
recall or not. If you were a brand new pump company trying to break into the
market, would you admit recalls? NO.

The reason for the recall has something to do with the pump being able to hold a
basal rate.

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