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RE: [IP] Houston we have a problem-LONG

Mag, your ordeal reminded me of something I hadn't thought of in a long
time. My grandmother used to tell me things like "Don't hang upside down on
that tree limb, you'll turn your liver over"  and  "Don't play football.
There was this boy who got tackled and it turned his liver over". Matt's
football injury reminded me of this. My grandmother's, God rest her soul,
ignorance is funny but I wonder just how much worse it really is than that
of the medical people you tell about below!

Glad to hear Matt is doing OK now. Tell him I said hello and to get well


> Where do i begin? Matt broke his forearm, the radius
> lastnight at football.
> ER, the doc sees
> his pump and asks what it is, then says, oh he has diabetes
> that bad that he
> needs that?  AHHH.  They kept wanting to give him juice for
> dry lips, etc.
> And i told them he had to have insulin for that, "he does?"

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