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[IP] Houston we have a problem-LONG

Where do i begin? Matt broke his forearm, the radius lastnight at football.
Take him to ER. They say it's not broke all the way through, come back to
orthopedic in morning. In excruiation pain all night. Numbers rising.
Finally get him to sleep 4am. Go to orthopedic and one look at xray and off
to OR. So i'm panicking.......insist on pump staying on. They give me no
trouble over it. But.........they don't know much about diabetes. They want
to hook him up to glucose IV. I talk them into saline. Good so far. I ask
them to test him before and after procedure. They had to put Matt to sleep
to repair the arm. They go to test him before procedure and the nurse was
putting blood onto the wrong side of the strip,(surestep strip) mind you,
i'm being patient, and i just tell her, she does it again. Now he is 144.
I'm very nervous.......i see him in recovery one hour later. Ask if his
bloodsugar was  tested, they insist on testing, for the records, and they
tell me no they didn't get to that. Well Matt is moaning and rolling head
back and forth, which could be anestestia(?), so i tell them he has to test
now. They do, 38! Basals set for eating? I don't know why the low? Oh jeez.
I'm starting to freak........he's still "out" so they hook him to dextrose
IV. Give him 200cc!!!!!  Ok how many carbs in that??? Now my nerves are
gone............retest him in a bit. 155!  Ok for now......i finally
starting testing him with his machine, whenever i felt the need, and told
them put it on the record. I don't think i've ever been so nervous before in
my life. Is it always so nerve wracking when having something done in hosp?
Are most docs/nurses this uneducated about diabetes. In the ER, the doc sees
his pump and asks what it is, then says, oh he has diabetes that bad that he
needs that?  AHHH.  They kept wanting to give him juice for dry lips, etc.
And i told them he had to have insulin for that, "he does?"    AHHHHHHHH
sorry just had to vent. Matt is doing ok for now. With his big ole green
cast up and over the elbow. He is righthanded too! How will he write for

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