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[IP] Newsweeks Cover Story

I wholeheartedly agree with Kevin Kolkhorst and some of the others on their
outrage the way Newsweek portrayed Type-1 diabetes.  The paragraph:

"The relatively uncommon type-1 diabetes is marked by a straightforward
shortage of insulin, which typically shows up around puberty. Researchers
consider this an autoimmune disease, possibly brought on by a viral
infection. And the treatment is straightforward in concept, if not always in
practice: you supply the missing insulin, if necessary by injecting it
before meals. "

This is definitely a misconception.  If only it were that easy to just take
a shot before a meal and everything is fine and dandy.  That is just

The statement "Type 2 is an altogether more complicated disease"  is what
really infuriated me.  I've been Type 1 diabetic for 29 years.  I suffer
from diabetic retinopathy, gastroparesis, neuropathy in my feet, hands and
legs, and Dawn Phenomenon which further complicates my control.  I also lost
my brother in 1995 who was also a Type 1 diabetic.  He suffered from heart
disease, kidney failure, and ultimately a stroke.  So for them to make the
statement that it is an altogether more complicated disease makes me believe
that they obviously did not do their homework!!

In addition, they mention symptoms and complications of the disease
specificallly for Type 2 diabetics.  Don't they realize these are the same
symptoms and complications for Type 1's?

Sorry to go on about this but unless you've been in the situation or have
been close to someone or even lost someone from Type 1 diabetes, I just
don't know how they can make these statements.  I, too, sent them an email
but I'm not sure it will do any good.

Kathy Greifzu
email @ redacted

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