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RE: [IP] newsweek on line

Perhaps something we could do as a group is respond to any article that
negatively stereotypes type 2 diabetics.


> I think what the real problem here, is that
> people read an article like this, thinking that it pertains
> to all diabetics
> and us Type 1's who are now "middle aged" are looked at much
> differently.
> No, I didn't pig out on too much food and do nothing but sit
> on the couch to
> get my diabetes.  I've never eaten 7 tortillas at one
> sitting, nor have I
> pigged out on HagenDas or anything else.  But, yet, I get
> lumped in with all
> these "bad, sluggish people who get diabetes"... sorry Type
> 2's I don't
> think that that's a fair assessment of you either.

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