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RE: [IP] newsweek on line

It is not false to say that type 2 is a more complex form of the disease. In
fact many more systems go wrong in type 2 than in type 1. In type 1 the beta
cells are attacked and die off. The treatment is to inject insulin. In type
2 the beta cells are often defective or reduced in number, the body is
insulin resistant, the liver often produces too much glucose, etc. More
systems go wrong in type 2. Often a type 2 will have not only to inject
insulin, but also take a medication to combat insulin resistance, another
medication to slow the production of glucose by the liver, another
medication to slow the absorption of carbohydrates in the intestines, etc.
The point was not that type 2 is a more dangerous, or worse form of the
disease, only that it is more complex. This is why we don't hear of even a
glimmer of a "cure" for type 2.

Many type 2s are not advised to check their bgs as we are only because of
ignorance on the part of the physician. Since the patient will not
immediately go into ketoacidosis and risk death, doctors are more cavalier
in their treatment of type 2. I recently talked with an old friend who was
diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a few months ago. No HBA1C was done, his
doctor told him to check his sugar twice a week, to avoid sweets, and one
day a week he could eat anything he wanted. I believe this is the most
idiotic medical advice I have ever heard. I agree with you that this is


> To say type two is a more complicated disease than type one is also
> biochemically false.....Many type two's and type one's have the
> rollercoaster to ride and the thing is, many type two's
> aren't advised to
> check their bg's as we are. They walk about with the
> 300-400's, and think
> "Ah, I'm only 'Borderline', so I don't have to test..." WRONG!!

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