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[IP] Schools, testing, desks, safety, OCR

This is a letter that Someone (you know who if you have been followinf this
stuff) recieved from the OCR.  Good work Someone!!!!  She ask that I post it,
seems she is having some technical trouble doing so.

Looks like good news for testing in the classroom or at the desk.

Curtis Lomax

Subject: Your Questions for the Office for Civil Right (OCR), U.S. Department of
Date: Fri, 1 Sep 2000 15:08:46 -0400
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Under the Section 504 implementing regulation, which OCR enforces, school
districts are responsible for identifying, evaluating, and providing a free,
appropriate public education for qualified individuals within  their
jurisdiction.  In evaluating a student, the appropriate individuals who are
knowledgeable about a student should conduct the evaluation and should
determine what educational program is appropriate for him or her.  In your
e-mail to OCR, you also seem to suggest that the Cumberland County School
District's (the District's) solicitor made this determination alone, which,
if true, would not meet the requirements of the Section 504 implementing
regulation.  You also state that the District based its decision to make
your son perform his glucose test in the back of the classroom on safety
concerns.  Please note that the District would need to have support for its
assertion.  If you believe that the District has not followed the proper
procedures in evaluating the student or in determining his educational
program, you can file a complaint with OCR.  Please note that, if you
believe that the proper procedures have been followed under the Section 504
implementing regulation as stated above, OCR does not make the actual
decision regarding what a student's educational program should contain.
Instead, OCR will determine whether the proper procedures have been followed
in identifying, evaluating, and placing a student.  The actual content of
the educational program is more appropriately handled at a due process
hearing.  If you want to file a complaint with OCR, please provide (by
e-mail, mail, or telephone) your full address and telephone number, and we
will send you a complaint form.  All complaints must be filed in writing and
you must also sign a notice of cooperation and a release so that we can
release your identity and your son's identity to the District.  I hope that
the above information is helpful.  If you have any questions, please feel
free to contact me at SNIP

--author snipped out---

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