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Re: [IP] Re: Administrative procedures, students using insulin pumps

> << Their procedure reads as follows:
>  glucose testing will not be permitted at the student's desk. All testing
> must
>  be completed away from other students in order to prohibit the
> of
>  blood contaminationand/or blood splattering of other students >>
> Then I hope children (and teachers) who get paper cuts, stuck with a
> thumbtack, etc., have the decency to do it in the back of the room, away
> the other children. Same goes for bloody scrapes on the playground.

In addition (coming from firsthand experience) they would need to perhaps
rope off a certain area in the elementary classrooms for every child who has
a loose tooth...this happens more times in a day than you can possibly
count!  (This afternoon I had three...count them, three...first-graders in
my music class bleeding in the mouth within the space of half an hour! -
only one tooth actually came out, & yes, they did somehow manage to keep
from spattering other students!)

Glad to be back to school, but SO ready for the weekend!!!

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