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RE: [IP] newsweek on line

Well, my take on this whole thing is not that what the Newsweek article says
is the problem, it's what it doesn't say.  The article title mentions
"Diabetes" while I think the title should say "Type 2 Diabetes" since that's
what the article is actually about.  Sure, there's a minute mention of Type
1 but the gyst of the article is about Type 2 Diabetes.  I read a statement
of "needing to test as much as 5 times per day"... well, for me on an
insulin pump, testing 5 times per day is not adequate (is that where my
insurance company gets the idea that 300 test strips per month is not
necessary for my care?).   I think what the real problem here, is that
people read an article like this, thinking that it pertains to all diabetics
and us Type 1's who are now "middle aged" are looked at much differently.
No, I didn't pig out on too much food and do nothing but sit on the couch to
get my diabetes.  I've never eaten 7 tortillas at one sitting, nor have I
pigged out on HagenDas or anything else.  But, yet, I get lumped in with all
these "bad, sluggish people who get diabetes"... sorry Type 2's I don't
think that that's a fair assessment of you either.   But right now, I'm
concerned with Type 1's getting inadequate coverage in that story.  And,
yes, we too can suffer the complications that Type 2's or any diabetic can
get, but that's not stressed in this article either.  In this article Type
1's did get glossed over... we take a shot and our diabetes is controlled...

RoseLea and Max, still struggling with control of Type 1 diabetes every day.

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