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Re: [IP] Pixie's problems

> In the meantime, I use the MiniMed softsets.  Want me to send you one or
two?  If everyone sent you a few, you'd have a decent back up supply.

I am also sending a copy of both Minimeds and Disetronics pump videos as
well as other links and such I collected off IP and the ADA, as well as the
law that will make them cringe:) The DCCT report should also make them
realize the benefits of pumping and that not all diabetics fit in nice cozy
boxes. Education and reform at once. I am printing it all up this weekend
and taking it personally to the Governor late next week.

Of course, this state also doesn't cover prescription (diabetic friendly)
cough formulas, but I'm not going to rant about that since they covered my
Biaxin (I have bronchitus).

As for the Sof-sets, I have 7 left right now, so I'm good for a couple weeks
luckily. If things don't change by late Septemeber tho, I will have to take
you up on the kind offer.


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