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Re: [IP] Re: Newsweek's Cover story for

If anyones interested, this is the Newsweek E-mail
email @ redacted
They sent me an automated reply that suggests they get
over 1,000 pieces of correspondence each week. Here is
what I wrote them:
I was saddened to read your inaccurate cover story
regarding Diabetes. I've been a IDDM for 23 years. The
way you presented Diabetes , it's as if it is not the
the 6th leading cause of death by disease for the 15.7
million people that have it, but a disease that is not
so bad to get nowadays. You named the cover of
Newsweek Diabetes, but only specifically reported on
Type-2 diabetics (the 90% population in the diabetic
community). You manage to say a word or two about
Type-1 being easier to control to the "more
complicated Type II". This is such an inaccurate
ludicrous statement, I'm surprised such a respected
publication could let this be printed, especially for
a cover story. Once you introduce Insulin (a hormonal
synthetic drug) into the picture of treatment, you
need to walk a high wire with blood glucose control.
You get what is called "Rollercoaster" readings of
up's and down. This is not because your diabetes is
severe, or you are non-compliant, it is because you
are essentially doing an impossible task of mimicking
a human organ. The body also tries to fight low blood
sugars by sending out counter regulatory enzymes from
the liver. So when you treat a hypoglycemic reaction
with fifth teen grams of Carbs, you sometimes wind up
with a hyperglycemic reaction (high BG's from over
treatment). You also advise Diabetics can have alot of
the foods they couldn't in the past fitted into their
diet, without saying how. This is done with Carb
Counting. A diet most Diabetics subscribe to. You
never mentioned the new research being done on Islets
cells (Edmonton, Ca), or other research progressively
getting closer to a cure. You never mentioned the
emotional aspects the disease does, and the depression
that is closely associated after several years of
having it. You never mentioned the large amount of
children (from infant to teenager) that have the
disease and how they survive or what their life is
like. You never even mentioned that November is
Diabetes Awareness Month, and how people should get
tested (5.4 million people out of the 15 mill are
undiagnosed). You presented another uplifting story of
inaccuracies to an already ignorant population who
hasn't a clue about Diabetes and what it does to the
victims, or its families. This is disgraceful from a
magazine that claims it is a serious news publication.

Kevin Kolkhorst

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