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[IP] Re: Newsweek's Cover story for Sept 4

I am livid about the article in Newsweek featuring
"Diabetes" on the cover. The whole article is 98% type
II (most likely due to the 1990's data that t-2 is on
the rise due to Lazy'assidosis, or couch potatoism).
It's the way they covered T-1 that iritates me. They
show the new meter taking a forearm BG test with the
caption "not so bad"! Yeah, not so bad for a reporter
to stick themselves once and say, try doing it 6-10
times daily for several years! They say T-1 is the
"other kind" of DM that is treated  differently,
without going into specifics. They also advise,
"luckily it is not on the rise"! Maybe they should
speak with some of the recent Dx'd members on this
list. They unbelievable state that T-2 is an
'altogether more complicated disease' , then go on to
interview someone who says it's as simple as taking my
medicine (oral), eating breakfast, and going down to
122mg. Once again misinforming the public on "Diabetic
treatment", so when you tell someone you're diabetic,
they spout "oh, so essentially you just take a pill
and stick to a diet, check your sugar, and that's it
huh? Well, you probably are more healthy that I am"!
It sadden's me that a respected publication like
Newsweek would do such a half-assed job at a cover
story. I can't wait for much of the same as November
is Diabetes month. My wife wrote to Newsweek, I'm
trying to shoot of an e-mail to them in response, and
I urge you to do the same.

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