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[IP] More Questions - answers

SNIP>>>>>Louann said:    more questions 
  i now  take  20 units of  reg  twice  aday and  40  units of   nph  twic  
aday  plus  actos an  glutrol xl  i  was   wondering i f the  pump  would  
help   cut  bckon  my insluin  needs  and i am   insluin  resisted  and  doc

is   saying   pump  will not   help   what   do  yu   think   and   about  
how long    does a   pump last  before   you   need to  replace it  also  is

ther  any help  for    cost iam   on low  diabilty   with  no  insurance
 hae  another    year to  wait   for  medcare  i do   get  medcaid  and  
ihave  to  spend the   frist   72  dollars  a month  thanks

I, personally, feel your doc needs education about the benefits of the pump.
Research on the net, find an endocrinologist who will help and I believe the
pump will help you a lot.   Check out the pump manufacturers on line, make a
decision and then contact the pump manufacturer.  They can be very helpful
in finding local endocrinologists, getting through red tape, special needs,
etc.   My pump is on its sixth year with no problems.  Go for it!

And Louann, Keep us posted about what is happening.  OK?  Thanks, 

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