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[IP] Re: I'm bummed

I'd like to thank everyone who replied, both the pro and the con. 
Taking in mind all the cons, I did the obvious and went forward anyway,
being careful not to go too far forward.  The power inserter is really
neat, doing the job much better then I thought could be done.  There was
an initial problem with figuring out which tape goes where and on top of
what.  The first insertion lasted until my afternoon shower, when it
proved that they don't stick real well if not properly applied and
taped.  Needless to say, the second one is MUCH better.

I based my basal on 66% of what I was injecting normally, but have been
bolusing at the same levels as before.  Is it just me or does the meter
not bolus over 10 units?  If I need more then that, I suppose I have to
do 2, right?  Or do a dual bolus?

Been checking BG's like every hour and so far they are high, but not
terribly so.  Into the high 100's to very low 200's (but that's not
abnormal for me right after eating).  I assume I'll have to kick up the
basal rate, but won't do so until AFTER the meeting with the factory rep
next Thursday.

A couple of questions have arisen.  The first is, do most of you have
your pumps set up so they can take a full 300 unit 'load', or do you set
them so they can only take 150 (but the reservoir fits completely
inside).  Based on what I will probably use, If I do the 150 setup, I
will have to refill every couple of days (no big deal).  It just seems
'cleaner' with the reservoir fully inside (or is it ME?).  The second
is, HOW do you hide the tubing where it exits your clothing?  I am using
the pump in the case on the belt thing, and the tubing, while not real
noticeable, still sticks out.  I actually had someone ask me what it was
for (funny conversation that was).  Oh yeah, what do you do with all the
excess tubing?  I ordered the short ones (24") but they seem really

ANyway, thanks to all those who offered assistance and suggestions.  I'm
looking forward to a long and happy relationship with my new 'ball and
chain'.  I feel like the Six Million Dollar Man.

Thanks again,

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