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Re: [IP] How long did it take to get on the pump?

In a message dated 9/29/99 11:26:31 PM US Eastern Standard Time,
 email @ redacted writes:
>I would like to know how long it took from the time you even mentioned
 > to your doctor, until the time you started pump therapy. 

Well, the FIRST time I mentioned it, he brushed me off, saying "It's
more trouble than it's worth", but the second time I mentioned it, about
a year later, I was fairly insistent that I wanted one, and he
acquiesced immediately.

However, there are ALSO insurance company problems -- it took from
beginning of October 1998 to end of January 1999 to iron THOSE out, so
about 4 months until the pump was delivered.

THEN, I couldn't get training until the middle of March, so it was
another month and a half before I actually officially went live. 

So a total of 5 1/2 months. They were excruciating.
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