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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #514

Re-Hospitalization-Nancy Apple

I alsohave had numerous hosp and surgeries,but they are usually short ter,
stays and I am alert for all but 3-4 hours. I have pre-convinced the staff
to use the IV insulin as they would-sort of a high basal rate,til I am
alert,and to test hourly in that time frame. Then at my earliest possible
time I take over testing,usually at i-2 hour intervals,and even if they
insist on the IV,they will"mimic basals and I inject boluses if necessary.
They usually give in to the pump after the 12 hours post-op period. 
I have not had that extensive time frame of surgery,BUT I do have a
gastroparesis which usually leave me violently ill  (throwing up) for at
least 12-18 hours,and this system has worked,as long as the insertion isn't
in the abdominal area.

Nancy-I wish you all the luck in the world,and Godspeed in your
recovery-I'll send a special request heavenward!

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