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Re: [IP] A1C

Holly Nelson wrote:
> Could someone please give me a link on how to convert A1C into mm/dl
> numbers.  I know this is an approximate, but I would like to see a chart.  I
> had seen one before, but have since lost track of it.  Taylor's A1C today
> was 5.6, which is great, but it doesn't help our argument for the pump at
> the moment.

One thing you should know is that some people just run
lower-than-expected A1c numbers for a variety of reasons. It could be
the specific type of hemoglobin, or some other biochemical thing that
goes on in the body. Thus the same A1c does NOT mean the same BG average
for all people. 

So the fact that your son is running a normal A1c does NOT mean that his
BGs are normal at all times, nor that he is not at risk of complications
-- just because some people's hemoglobin doesn't glycate very much
doesn't mean that their other tissues don't. 

I got this information from the FAQ on m.h.d. -- Ed Reid found an
article that documented differences in A1c of as much as 1 full
percentage point in people with the same average BGs. 

You might want to bring this paper to your doc's attention:

 Kilpatrick ES, Maylor PW, Keevil BG:  Biological Variation
of Glycated Hemoglobin. Diabetes Care 21:261-264, February 1998.
Available on the web at

If you want me to post that section of the FAQ, I will do so in a
separate message, or privately, if you wish.

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