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Re: [IP] tiny insulin pumps

> I found this on The Islet Foundation:  <A 
> HREF="http://www.islet.org/forum/messages/10097.htm">OSU, "insulin
> pump" and Al</A> Message board
> Ohio's Greatest Home Newspaper
> OSU developing implant capsule to fight diabetes 
> Tiny insulin pumps 
> Thursday, September 30, 1999
> By David Lore
> Dispatch Science Reporter 

This technique has been reported in the press on and off for about 5 
years now. Tests have been going one with animala for that period of 
time at least. I even think I saw it in Popular Science a couple of 
years ago also. What they haven't figured out is how to replace or 
remove the cells when they die.... which they do naturally, they 
don't rejuvenate or reproduce like normal pancreatic tissue.
I think this has a lot of promise of the latter problem can be 

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