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[IP] "Wash-ups" by Clinipad

Hi Nancy,

I finally got my hands on some Wash-Ups by Clinipad and now I'm wondering 
what the correct procedure is for using them.  Our daughter has been pumping 
and using Sils for four months now.  She just recently had her first skin 
infection and I'm hoping to avoid anymore.  Our procedure until now has been 
to apply ELA-Max cream to the site, wipe it off with alchohol pads and let it 
dry.  We then apply Skin Shield and let it dry.  We use Tegaderm HP under the 
Sil or it won't stay put for three days.  

This last time I tried washing off the cream with an anti-bacterial soap and 
water and letting it dry.  We used IV-Prep under the Tegaderm HP.  I was 
afraid that the alchohol was too drying for her sensitive skin.  It seems to 
be holding okay.  So my question is, does the Wash-Up take the place of the 
IV-Prep or should it be used to wipe off the ELA-Max and then follow with the 
IV-Prep?  Any input?

Pam Watsek, (mom to Lauren, age 8)

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