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[IP] Question....treating lows at mealtime

email @ redacted wrote:

> ...we've found that when our daughter has had a low (for her 
> <50), her insulin resistance increases for about the next 6-8 hours.

This is due to one's body *naturally* responding to the *unnatural* drop in 
blood glucose level.  A person without diabetes only fluctuates about 40 
points bg-wise, so when their body drops MORE than that, the brain freaks 
HELP HELP - STARVATION!!!!!  FEED ME SEYMOUR!!....and sends a signal to the 
liver, which is just an under-paid lackey who does what it is told with 
complete disregard for how MUCH it wastes, and so it dumps in all kinds of 
counter-regulatory hormones, such as growth hormone, cortisol, adrenalin, and 
of course glycagen...all of which have a blood sugar RAISING effect.  This 
happens in a normal body that senses it's bg drops more than approx 40 
points....and unless your liver is impaired, it still happens when you have 
diabetes. (this is why they test your liver function...fyi)

So all this willy nilly dumping of hormones has the desired effet, according 
to the brain, which subsists SOLELY and ONLY and on NOTHING ELSE but 
glucose...to hell with all the other organs and who cares about them darn 
kidneys who now have to filter all this excess sugar out....the brain must go 
on, or nothing else will

It is not so much that your daughter is insulin-resistant, but that there is 
alot  more "crap" to have to take care of...

*-)=B xoxx~~~[507]
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