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[IP] lunches for school and halloween

well, I found cheap  ($2.97 each) wallet sized calculators at walmart and
now am looking for small, carb counting booklets.

anyone know?

we have a biggish one for use at home, but I would like to have her keep one
at school for those times when parents bring in cupcakes for some kids'
birthday without carb counts.


michael...maybe some kind soul who isn't intimidated by doing a spread
sheet...could do something on the IP website with carb counts of junk food.
we could then print it out here at home and laminate it!

speaking of which...

what is everyone going to do about this halloween?  most people are handing
out the mini candies from the big bags.  of course, no carb count on those.
(unless you have the bag)
do we need to go into the store and write it all down?  wouldn't that be

  I know that our carb counting book has certain candies...but not the mini


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