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[IP] Additions to thoughts for Holly

I need to clarify some things here.  When I said his initial A1C was 5.4,but
we had one drawn today, and he is 8, I meant he is 8 years old.  I just
called the clinic today to find out the A1C results, and he is 5.6.  I don't
know if I should jump for joy or cry?!!  Unfortunately I was hoping for high
so we had more ground to stand on.  I guess we will go from the viewpoint of
chronic hypo's affecting him.  We will see how all goes on Tuesday after we
see his new dr.

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Subject: Re: [IP] Mixed Emotions on Pump Approval & Walk for a Cure $ Raised

I just got a copy of the criteria for insulin pump
> from BC/BS ND, and according to the criteria the individual should be 12
> years old, but it doesn't say they must be.  We are going to be going off
> the criteria to get him approved!!  His endo addressed each area on the
> criteria, the only ones he doesn't meet is the A1C should be 7.2 or above
> (his was 5.4, but we had one drawn today), and he is 8.
> Holly

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