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"Real Time" Support (was)Re: [IP] Mixed Emotions on Pump Approval

Dear Mag:
   Congrats on your successful JDF TEAM effort....We've been doing the Phila. 
WALK for the past 7 years & as our JDF-involvement has grown, so too has our 
"support network" of other families who know all too well what we all contend 
with day in & day out....
   Speaking of support, a bunch of us "D" Moms are gathering at the King of 
Prussia plaza on October 12th at lunchtime to chat, vent, share, compare - 
whatever...followed by the prospect of doing early holiday shopping for those 
super-organized types! We did this in the spring & had about 8 moms of kids 
with diabetes attend - 1/2 on pumps, 1/2 still on MDI..kids of diverse 
ages....and all agreed it was great therapy!..This time we're adding the 
component of "shopping therapy" too!
   if you'd like more details, e-mail me directly...and if anyone else in the 
King of Prussia region (largest shopping mall on the East Coast!!) cares to 
join us, feel free to e-mail me too...
   by the way, your son's endo was my daughter's endo when she started on the 
pump 3 1/2 years ago...at that time, she was the first pump patient ever for 
her doctor!...we're no longer at CHOP, but they've obviously re-oriented 
their thinking if Matt's starting pump therapy at age 10! Don't worry about 
feeling ambivalent- I can still remember feeling like I was starting all over 
again, and in a sense, I was.....but that period of adjustment was well worth 
it to liberate my daughter from the imprisonment of MDI schedules! Good luck!

Regards, Renee (pump-mom to Melissa)
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