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Re: [IP] Type 2 versus type 1


Thank you so much for sharing what you did.  It sure helped me take a few
breaths.  I must admit I have been debating whether or not to respond to this
post.  I have found it very disturbing and sad at the same time.  But obviously
I have decided to reply.

For all of you Type 2's that would rather be Type I, let me ask you some
1.  How would you like to not know what living is like without diabetes?
2.  How would you like living with the notion that you will be dead by the age
of 21?
3.  How would you like to receive a letter from your families car insurance
company stating that we cannot insure your daughter for she is not human due to
her being diabetic?
4.  How would you like to be singled out in class during your entire childhood
as being the "weirdo" because you have diabetes?
5.  How would you like to be chased by students yelling at you "get away from
us, your sick and we don't want to be like you"?
6.  How would you like a roommate to say to you " I can't handle living with you
or going on vacation with you, because you never know what diabetes can bring
on"?  This happened when I was 21, it was the middle of the night apparently I
was making funny noises ( at this point I was so gone that I couldn't speak ).
My roommate didn't know what to do even though I had taught here.  She just
stood over me not doing a damn thing.  I guess I tried saying 911 but she didn't
understand, then apparently I said mom and dad and she finally called my parents
who called 911.  My mattress was soaked and I was lucky to be alive.
7.  How would you like your mother dragging you to a center for the blind
threatening this was where I would end up if I "cheated"?  I was seven when she
did this.
8.  How would you like to have your sibling beating up on you or yelling at you
because your parents spend more time with you because of your disease?
9.  How would you like to spend your entire life have to be responsible, always
on guard, always watching what you eat, always watching how you feel, never
being able to take a vacation from your diabetes a 24 X 7 responsibility?
10.  How would you like to spend your entire child hood and adult hood fearing
what complication is going to hit?  Will I go blind?  Will I be on Kidney
dialysis, will I ...?

Well I hope you all get the point.  I could go on and on but it's too painful
reliving the horror of what I had to go through as a child with diabetes or more
like it a human with diabetes.

I don't know of any Type 2's that get diabetes that early in life.  Believe me I
would have much preferred living my first 20 or 30 years without diabetes and
then getting it.  Buy hey that's easy for me to say for the grass is always
greener on the other side.  We all have our cross to bare and we must accept
this and move on.  I have always DESPISED comparing and it's for this very
reason why - this post.

Another item, and then I promise I will shut up.  Several of you Type 2's as
well as 1's keep saying how being type 1 is so much easier because you can eat
what you want.  I am sooooooooooo SICK and TIRED of reading and hearing that.
It's not true for all of us.  I can't.  Well sure I can but pump or no pump I
pay dearly for it.  Oh and then you add the gastro and that puts an entire twist
on it.  Stop telling me that I can eat whatever I want.  I probably eat a more
stringent diet than most type 2's.  My husband eats pizza and I eat a salad and
soup or something along those lines.  I make a choice, do I want to eat this
"good" stuff and feel like shit or do I want to by pass it and feel half way
decent?  I choose to by pass that stuff.  Is it hard, no it's a choice.  And,
Please stop telling me I can live a normal life.  I don't see anything normal
about being assimilated.  I don't see anything normal about poking my fingers.
I don't see anything normal about having to eat because my bs is low and I would
rather be throwing up.

Please let us STOP comparing.  Disease is just that disease.  It's no fun for
anyone and we make the best of our lives with it or we can choose to just give
up.  I think I am still around because when ever someone tells me some negative
like I'll be dead at 21, I just love thumbing my finger to them 18 years later!
I like to thumb my nose at doctors.  I had one doctor tell me that the
probability of me finishing college when I was in my 30's was pretty small
because of my health and some depression issues I was dealing with.  Ah, fuel
for me.  I graduated and was very proud of myself.  Did I have to work hard, you
bet and I am glad I did it.

I also know of more Type 1's that have not made it past 30.  I wonder what the
statistics are on that.  Again, wouldn't you rather have the chance to get type
2 or be dead?  I met a 24 year old woman last night.  Type I, she'll be lucky if
she lives to the end of the year.  She has every diabetic complication and her
kidney's going is what will kill her.  Now shouldn't we all be grateful that we
are here on this planet and on this list.  Type I, Type II, Type Weird, who
cares, let's just support one another and help each of us learn.

Thank you,

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