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Re: [IP] nightime basals AGAIN!-Eve

> michael mentioned adjusting the "go to sleep" temp basal according
> to bedtime BG.  .1 point per 10 points below target or the opposite.
>  this makes sense.  if I had followed this rule last night...I would
> NOT have set the temp basal at 1.0.  I should have done ...let's
> see... target 120-130 less her 90 that she fell to before we
> treated.    that is 30-40 points. so...her temp basal should be  
> .3-.4 LESS than the 1.0.
> I should have kept her on a 0.6 to 0.7 basal.  then she would not
> have been so low in middle of night.
> there is some sense to this math mess.

The description above and the arbitrary reduction of 0.1u/hr is an 
oversimplification of application of the unused insulin rule.

If you can see bg's dropping and are able to project a further drop, 
THAT is the amount of insulin that should not be given. If we suspect 
that a drop of 25 or more points will occur because of a continuing 
low, Lily does no temp basal at all.

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