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Re: [IP] How long did it take to get on the pump?

<< Iwould like to know how long it took from the time you even mentioned 
"pump"  to your doctor, until the time you started pump therapy.  >>

I think I was one of the lucky ones....In November 98, I heard about the 
insulin pump, and asked my doctor about it.  I was currently averaging blood 
sugars of 300+ and hitting numbers in 400-500 range.  I was also using 180 
units of insulin with 6 shots per day.  This doctor wouldn't even talk to me 
about the pump.  She totally disregarded it and said "Oh...YOU don't need 
that!...Don't worry about it!"  I was worried about it!!!!....

My medical insurance changed the beginning of 1999, and I had to changed 
doctors.  Fortunately for me, this turned out to be a GOOD thing!

I saw my new doctor on 2/5/99 and the 1st thing she asked me was..."What do 
you think about the pump?"  Finally...someone who would explain it to me.  
She said it generally took her 8-12 weeks to get approval for her patients to 
go on the pump...
I had mine and started pumping on 2/25/99...20 days later...

One Lucky Pumper!
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