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[IP] Why T2 isn't the picnic it seems to be

Hi, all,

Not meaning to belabor the topic, but this post from another list really
struck me, and I though a few snippets of it might be of interest to
those who've never experienced Type 2. 

There are going to be an increasing number of Type 2 pumpers, and a
certain percentage of them are going to arrive on this list, and so a
little bit of knowledge about Type 2 might not be such a bad thing!  :)
> Hello Listmates, There are many Type II !'s who end up in their Doc's
> office with a hang-dog expression on their faces as they are being
> lectured about their obesity.....and how it has caused their Diabetes.
> In fact, to a certain sub-group of Type II's......(and let's keep in
> mind that there may be more than 28 kinds of Type IIs.....some more
> insulin deficient than insulin resistant ), their inability to handle 
> carbs.......first manifested  by bouts of
> hypoglycemia, which ocurred after ingestion of simple carbs, when they
> were normal weight, might have led to many of ther present problems of
> Obesity and Type II Diabetes.
> This subset of DM'er's have raving appetites, weight gain, increased
> resistance to insulin and go into a whirlpool heading towards Type II.
> Then they are blamed for their illness.  There remains little insight
> into their plight and very few effective remedies are ever offered let
> alone known by these health professionals, although low carbing,exercise
> and Metformin could be very helpful if prescribed by their health team.

A major problem in many Type 2's is not the lack of insulin, but the
inappropriate and poorly timed secretion of insulin -- what I can the
"too much, too late" syndrome. The phase 1 insulin response is lost, so
the BGs initially go very high after eating, but the phase 2 response is
intact, so the body, sensing a very high BG level, secretes a lot of
insulin to bring it down, and often overshoots the mark, resulting in a
delayed hypo, say 4 or 5 hours after eating.

The hypo then makes the person desperate to feed it (how many of you
know about THAT???), and so the person eats, and gains weight. Over
years, a LOT of weight. Which only makes the insulin resistance (the
other part of the disorder) worse.  

Of course, since docs have traditionally ONLY tested fasting BGs, they
totally miss the spikes after meals, but those spikes ARE doing their
damage, and by the time the fasting BGs rise, the person has had BG
derangements for many years. Plenty of time to develop complications.

And yes, do remember that most docs and the popular press still haven't
figured out that the DM-2 genes CAUSE the obesity, not the other way


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