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[IP] Anniversary

It's been five years (9/28/94) since Dan was diagnosed at age 12.  That day
came and went this year without us even remembering.  It's his dad's
birthday, and this year that's ALL it was!   He started pumping 2/99.

This year we want to "walk for the cure" at the Mall of America.  Does
anyone know the date?  We've talked about it every year, but this year we

Here in WI, our drivers licenses don't indicate anything about diabetes, and
I think there was a question about passing out in the past 5 years.

Dan has his license and his own car.  He assures us he checks his blood
often.  He's got multiple monitors, one at school, one at home, one in his
duffle bag, so it's hard for us to watch over his shoulder.  Judging by how
often I get test strips for him, watching him test at home, and checking the
memory on his home monitor, we can only assume he's diligent in checking
away from home.  They knew he'd be a good pumper -- he isn't inconvenienced
with monitoring and carb counting.  ('Course, he's not always accurate at
carb counting!)  His second diabetes clinic is coming up since he went on
the pump, and we're eager to see the A1Cs.  The first check-up was too soon,
and none of the in-between visits focused on A1Cs.  He's proud to be pumping
and thinks anyone still doing shots needs to be enlightened.  Naturally he
takes insurance for granted, something I hope will never change for him.

Tricia, Dan's mom, who just remembered the "anniversary" that changed our
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