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[IP] Alarms- one exception

I set it off when I was having difficulty learning how to prime the
infusion set.  Apparantly the prime amounts of insulin count towards the
'total insulin per hour" that the machine is set to allow.  I also heard
that teenagers who go wild on the pump eating large amounts of carbs for
those previously 'forbidden" items can set off the over delivery alarm
because they have to bolus such a large amount of insulin to cover their
treats.  Now that I know how to prime the pump properly I have never again
set off the over delivery alarm but I keep it in mind whenever I fantasize
about having a peanut butter parfait ( Hmm!  Would the 99 carbs involved
push my bolus over the preprogramed hourly rate?) You can change the
maximum allowed by going into the <set up> menu. 

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